Triple sperm selection

Triple sperm selection

The triple sperm selection technique is used in FIV Marbella to ensure selection of the most suitable sperm so that the resulting embryos from their union with the best eggs from the woman (or donor) are the best to accomplish the ultimate goal: achieve pregnancy.

Normally there are so many sperm in a sperm sample that ... Which do you choose? The choice usually goes by the hand of the specialist who performs the technique according to the sperm morphology and motility, becoming a somewhat subjective process that depends on the person who chooses. At FIV Marbella we use techniques that allow us to select the best sperm, not only by their physical characteristics or by how they move, but by other qualities that are not detected by the human eye. These qualities are detected through the triple sperm selection (ICSI or intracytoplasmic sperm injection + PICSI or sperm sorting using hyaluronic acid + MACS or selection using annexin columns).

Sperm that pass this rigorous selection process are those with a greater ability to fertilize the egg and produce a higher quality embryo, which can result in a higher pregnancy rate. Meaning that with the triple selection IVF procedure is optimized, not allowing a random sperm selection.

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