Special techniques

Special techniques

Culture at low oxygen concentrations

Our new incubators mimic conditions that occur in the uterus in not only providing carbon dioxide, but also low concentrations of oxygen ideal for cultivation to the blastocyst stage.

Separation and selection of mature sperm

Sometimes the fertilization failure and embryo quality are low due to alterations of the sperm that are beyond mere observation. There are techniques that allow us to know in advance whether the patient’s semen sample has associated alterations such as DNA fragmentation or sperm aneuploidy, defects that are reflected in the diminishing sperm maturation. HBA tests can determine the percentage of immature sperm and if this percentage is very high, we can separate and select mature sperm to inject into the egg, thus ensuring that we choose the appropriate sperm.


Many of the causes of repeated abortions are the lack of some recognizing molecules by the endometrium that are either absent or in low amounts. Using this transfer medium, rich in growth factors and embryo-endometrium recognition molecules the percentage of abortions due to these causes can be solved, thus avoiding a costly PGD (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis).

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