Oocytes and embryos vitrification course

Oocytes and embryos vitrification course

Vitrification is a technique used in the assisted reproduction laboratory to preserve the fertility of women. Mature ovules obtained by follicular puncture can be preserved or used to perform an IVF / ICSI treatment. The basic principle of vitrification is to remove as much water as possible from the cells and replace that water with a cryoprotectant that prevents the formation of ice crystals when these cells are stored in liquid nitrogen at -196ºC. The vitrification technique is also used to keep stored surplus embryos that have been generated in a fertility treatment. The course will teach the students the different vitrification techniques and will allow them to practice the same.


Start:  February 22

Duration: 2 Días

Hours: The time will be confirmed along with the course information

Directed: embryologists and biologists

Places: 15 people maximum

Price: 400€

Discount: When 3 courses are contracted a 10% discount will be applied, If you contract all the courses 20% will be discounted from the final price​



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