Morphological assessment of embryos and embryo culture

Morphological assessment of embryos and embryo culture

The success of an in vitro fertilization treatment is largely based on the achievement of good quality embryos with a high implantation potential. For this we must have a good program of embryonic culture and also be able to identify the embryo/s with greater potential.

For years now it has been shown that the transfer of blastocysts improves success rates in assisted reproduction treatments.

We will learn to cultivate embryos up to the blastocyst stage, identify those variables that affect embryo culture and morphologically assess blastocysts to be able to select the best quality to be transferred and/or cryopreserved.

Start:  January 24

Duration: 2 Días

Hours: The time will be confirmed along with the course information

Directed: embryologists and biologists

Places: 15 people maximum

Price: 400€

Discount: When 3 courses are contracted a 10% discount will be applied, If you contract all the courses 20% will be discounted from the final price​




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