FIV Marbella incorporates the Time-Lapse multi-chamber incubator into its IVF laboratory, which allows videos of the development of the embryos that it houses inside to improve their follow-up from fertilization to transfer to the woman's uterus. it has a very positive effect on the choice of the best blastocyst from those obtained through ICSI. In addition, patients are given a video of the development of their embryos.

Assisted reproduction is advancing by leaps and bounds, especially in the technological field, since clinics don’t cease to incorporate new elements to their laboratories to achieve the ultimate goal pursued: A HEALTHY LIVE BIRTH. One of the most outstanding advances in recent years in this regard are the incubators with Time-Lapse technology, like the one that has recently been installed in FIV Marbella’s IVF laboratory, which incorporates a camera that allows us to observe the development of embryos inside from the moment of fertilization, without having to remove them from the incubator for evaluation.

The advantages of these incubators over conventional ones are remarkable, since their sophisticated image capture system allows to capture morphology changes that with conventional incubators could go unnoticed. The Time-Lapse incubator from FIV Marbella has several compartments physically separated in which the embryos are introduced, each with a camera that captures images of them every 5 minutes. The incubator has software that converts all those images into a video, through which patients can see the early days of development of their embryos concentrated in a few minutes. Thanks to this system, FIV Marbella’s embryologists can have a large amount of information on those embryos that are in cultivation in the laboratory, which allows them to optimize the selection of them, meaning they having more elements of judgment to then choose to transfer the one that has more possibilities of implantation.

In this way, the culture until blastocyst stage of embryos (technique that is always used in FIV Marbella to be able to select the best embryos to transfer to the patient), occurs under stable conditions of temperature and humidity, C02 and low concentration of oxygen, as it would happen under normal conditions in a woman's body. The software of the new FIV Marbella incubator shows these and other parameters, fundamental to monitor that the culture conditions of the embryos are optimal.

And for which patients would the use of these latest generation incubators be indicated? In general, any patient receiving IVF can use this type of incubator, but it is especially useful in those cases of several previous failed procedures and those who only wish to transfer a single embryo.

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