Success rates: certified results

Success rates: certified results

Choosing an assisted reproduction centre in which to entrust your reproductive project is one of the most important decisions for someone who is looking to have a baby. At FIV Marbella we have clinical results above the average of the Spanish Fertility Society, as seen in our latest success rates*, validated and verified by an external consultant. These figures are the result of all couples and women who have placed their hopes in our centre and have seen their wishes to have a child fulfilled.

It is the fusion of the best technological equipment offered by FIV Marbella, the highly qualified personnel and our meticulous laboratory protocols that allow these rates to maintain an upward trajectory year after year. Few clinics have laboratory protocols as strict as those of FIV Marbella, imported from the best clinics in the United States by our director Enrique Criado Scholz and adapted to obtain optimal results. Thanks to these protocols, it is possible to take full advantage of the latest generation equipment available in our three laboratories (IVF, Andrology and R & D): time lapse, incubators of low oxygen concentration... All visible to the patient thanks to their glass walls; because at FIV Marbella we are transparent, and we want our patients to feel that way.

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