Committed to quality

In FIV Marbella we work with very high quality standards. We offer cutting edge technology and equipment, pioneer in Spain, at the forefront of all assisted reproduction techniques (egg donation, donor semen, embryo adoption, PGD, vitrification, etc.). We guarantee the application of the most appropriate technique for each case.

We offer our patients all our technological and scientific resources. Our laboratory is located in the surgical area of the clinic, with direct access to the operating theatre in a highly sterile environment. We have trained biologists in the field of assisted reproduction who are experienced in all assisted reproduction techniques.

We believe that communication is essential for success therefore our international department will assist our patients in all their visits to the centre, both for consultations and treatment. We want to ensure a full understanding of everything related to each patients treatment (controls, medication, analysis, prices).

In FIV Marbella we commit to accurately monitor the entire process of our patient’s preparation, our specialists will ensure an excellent coordination with our patient’s specialists. We will maintain a close relationship allowing us to care for every detail and resolve any doubts that may arise in our patients during this period.

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