Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment

Anxious, frustrated or especially expectant, may reflect how most couples feel when attending a fertility clinic. The difficulty of conceiving a child is an unexpected situation that may involve a multitude of reactions, each of which involve different needs.

That is why, from the outset, a psychological evaluation is essential to enable us to be aware of the initial emotional situation, the implications that may involved to assimilate the problem, the treatment itself, or even the results.

Through various assessment techniques, we can get a clear view of both the initial emotional state and the personal and social resources of both partners that will be key aspects in the planning of the intervention and/or psychological support appropriate to each case.

Likewise, it is a first contact which creates an environment of acceptance, security and trust, as a cardinal point of treatment is to have a space to express emotions, concerns, develop coping strategies and solve all kinds of doubts. Meaning you have constant support and guidance  throughout the process.


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