Gynaecological Assessment

Ovarian reserve assessment

The term “ovarian reserve” describes the functional potential of the ovary, i.e. the ability of the ovary to produce eggs with sufficient quality to achieve a normal pregnancy.

Among the tests that a patient must undergo before commencing an assisted reproduction treatment, assessment of ovarian reserve (OR) is undoubtedly one of the most effective.

It is important to know that the evaluation of the OR is not a test to see if the patient does or does not ovulate, it will give us very reliable data on the “quality” of eggs produced, and this we will help us to guide the patient on what treatment is the most appropriate to achieve a successful pregnancy.

One of the most important parameters in assessing the OR is age, as there is an inversely proportional relationship between the patients’ age and the number and quality of her eggs. For this reason, most assisted reproduction specialists consider essential to routinely perform this test to infertile patients over 35.

There are several parameters to assess the OR; clinical, ultrasound and analytical

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