Psychological support – Emotional strength

Psychological support – Emotional strength

Facing the situation of infertility / sterility can cause an emotional crisis both individually and as a couple. It is an unexpected circumstance, that can shake an initially stable foundation: the right to paternity / maternity.

Increasingly, we hear more cases in which difficulty to conceive is present, but we didn’t consider that we could be affected. That’s why, in many cases the knowledge of these difficulties raises a series of feelings such as anxiety, worry, anguish, sadness, guilt…. all totally legitimate and well-founded, although they need to be worked on at a psychological level so that they do not become a problem.

Furthermore, studies have revealed the importance of the emotional state during both the procedure and the results, meaning, likelihood of successful treatment is greater in cases where there is a good mental health, and a sense of general wellbeing. Therefore, at FIV Marbella we use all available techniques and strategies aimed at achieving emotional strengthening, from taking advantage of the excellent climate, leisure and relaxation which Marbella offers(favouring a less tense and stressful environment) to the psychological program specific to each case, where you will find consistent support from the beginning focused on acceptance, security and trust.

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