Egg donation

Egg donation

In cases where the patient does not produce good quality eggs, usually known as “ovarian failure” or lack of them due to premature menopause, they can resort to egg donation.

In this case a donor is selected with the same physical characteristics and blood group as the patient. The donor undergoes ovarian stimulation and subsequent egg collection. At the same time the “recipient” patient in a synchronous manner receives a treatment using oral estrogen or transdermal patches to prepare her uterus.

The same day that eggs are retrieved from the donor, they are inseminated with the partner’s sperm and the obtained embryos are left to develop between two and five days in the laboratory.

After which, evolutionary embryos are selected and transferred (usually one or two) to the recipient patient, as is done in a conventional IVF process.

The remaining viable embryos are frozen on the same day, for possible future treatments.



For couples and single women who suffer from infertility, the search for a child is often a long process, full of fears, insecurities and frustrations. For this reason at FIV Marbella we have created the Guaranteed Pregnancy Programme, to give our patients the peace of mind they need during this journey.

With the Guaranteed Pregnancy Programme for egg donation treatments, the clinic is committed to achieving your pregnancy. Otherwise, we will refund the full amount of the programme.

The Programme will last eighteen months from the date of signanture of the contract. Exceptionally, the Medical Directory may consider extending the duration for another six months.


Each programme will be implemented on an individual basis, so that the patients concerned should undergo a prior evaluation carried out by the clinic specialists. This examination will assess whether the medical requirements for effective treatment are met and determine which treatment best suits their needs.

Woman’s requirements:

  • The maximum age at the date of signature is 49 years.
  • Have a Body Mass index less than or equal to 30.
  • Do not have any uterine or tubal pathology that may affect the implantation of the embryo.
  • Normal diagnostic hysteroscopy.

Man’s requirements:

  • Semen analysis with a density greater than 10 millions sperm per millilitre.

  • Do not have severe asthenospermia (<10% sperm with progressive motility)

  • Do not have severe teratospermia (<2% normal sperm)

  • Normal FISH and DNA fragmentation.

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