FIV Marbella techniques

  • AI Artificial Insemination using partner's sperm

    This technique consists in depositing a partners sperm sample, previously processed, into the uterine cavity. This is the easiest technique of the assisted reproduction techniques. The patients ovulation must be monitored by administering medication.  

    Prolonged culture to Blastocyst stage

    This is an extended culture of embryos to blastocyst stage which occurs around the fifth day of development. The objective of this treatment is to aid us in selecting the embryos with the greatest implantation potential, exponentially increasing the chance of pregnancy. An additional advantage of cultivation to blastocyst is the synchronization of this embryonic stage and the receptive endometrium, in a natural cycle, it is a blastocyst that reaches the endometrium and implants.

  • IVF / ICSI + Partner's sperm

    IVF is the process by which the female (eggs) and male (partner's sperm) gametes are put into contact for fertilization to take place outside the woman's body. For this egg retrieval by ovarian follicular aspiration and semen sample preparation for capacitation are required. This technique can be carried out by conventional IVF or ICSI.  

    Egg freezing

    This is a technique that is on the rise in recent years. Vitrification of oocytes is a fast freezing procedure with optimum results. In recent years, the incorporation of women to university and working life, has delayed childbearing. For this and other reasons, motherhood is postponed until it becomes difficult to conceive with their own eggs. Therefore, this technique offers the possibility for young women to preserve their eggs for future use. Women who have to receive radiotherapy or chemotherapy who wish to become mothers can also benefits from this technique, as it is advisable to preserve their eggs for future use prior to receiving their treatment.

  • Egg donation + partner's sperm

    In Vitro Fertilization by which embryos are created by fertilizing donor oocytes with partner's or other donor's sperm. The recipients womb lining is prepared to receive the embryos.  

    Low cost Egg donation: mini cycle

    It consists in receiving a sufficient amount of eggs, previously donated and vitrified for their later fertilization in the IVF laboratory. The resulting embryos are transferred to the recipient patient. The limited number of donated oocytes (around 3) reduces the number of remaining embryos for freezing, but allows to reduce treatment costs considerable for patients, reducing time frames at the same time, maintaining maximum quality standards for a fresh transfer of optimal quality embryos.

  • PGD

    Technique which consists in biopsy and analysis of the IVF achieved embryo's DNA, to determine the genetic characteristics to then choose the suitable embryos for transfer.  

    ROPA Method

    Novel assisted reproduction technique for couples formed by two women. One of them is subjected to an ovarian stimulation and the other is the egg recipient whom will carry the future baby. Therefore, both are active parts of the process.


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